Send better
emails to your clients

and not the tons of garbage
you and I receive daily.

All eComms suffer
the same illness,

you devote hours to your product and your store...

...but the sales
are not booming.

¡Don't look me like that!
is true

You spend
the whole day thinking:

What email should I send?

To which clients?

How often?

With or without sales?

Then, you decide
to make a plan:

But you know your time and your team's time will evaporate

...affecting your own company's service

You also don't have a clear idea of what you need

...or how you get it

And you understand that the plan will be obsolete before you finish it

...and it will have been of no use at all


Burning your brain every day thinking about all this might end:

1. In big money losses.

2. Endless debts.

3. Maybe closing your eCommerce.


Ok, forget the plan

If only you could have a super-powerful device that solved all those problems.

What could it be...? 🤔

This magnet will help you with your company's email marketing

How does it work?

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