First, I want to let you know that I won’t change your life or have a Lamborghini waiting for you at the door if you apply what we talk about.

But there is something I can give you and I’ll tell you more about it later.

For some time now, I have seen many online stores with amazing products and well-built brands suffer when it comes to selling consistently and effectively.

A year ago, when I decided to work in a very special industry and saw the results I was getting thanks to my work, I took the plunge to share with the world how to do something really different.

Many of my clients have implemented my atypical strategies with excellent results. Mainly because they feel more aligned with who they are, what they want to offer, and how to communicate it.

Then comes the increase in sales.

That’s why, because I believe in doing things differently, I should know you.

You can move away from what everyone else is doing and attract customers who identify with your brand and your products.

You can go to the blue ocean of email marketing to catch your customers with a clear strategy.

You can improve your copy as Gary C. Halbert did. Being himself.

Feel aligned with your ethos and be a trendsetter by changing the game’s rules.

Moving away from the 99% of businesses that apply the same boring strategies, copy and design.

For all these reasons, I’ve created my atomic consulting service to get to know each other and put all my knowledge, experience, creativity, and madness at your service so your sales skyrocket.

will I be able to manage my eCommerce from a Caribbean beach sipping margaritas while lying in the sun?

Well, as you know, the only sure thing is that we will die at some point.

I can’t assure you of your income as I don’t know the color of Henry Cavill’s boxers (I wish I do).

It depends on your online store, product, offer, and target customer,… no strategy can guarantee anything.

I am not going to sell you bullshit or tell you that the money you spend on a session with me will give you an invincible strategy to triple your sales.

What I can guarantee you is that it won’t be the same as what everyone else does.
It will be different, atypical.

That’s why it’s not for every eCommerce in the world.

This is for anti-establishment businesses that are not afraid to break the rules but do have…

180 Euros

excluding VAT


How long does the session last?

Approximately 1 hour.

What can I get from the session?

A thorough audit of your email marketing tool and some of the things you should improve about your online store, and your brand. In addition, I think you could implement strategies in the short and medium term to achieve your goals.

What if I forget what we talked about?

I've got it all figured out.
I will send you the recording 48 hours max after our meeting so you can review it until it wears out.

Don't you think it's too expensive?

No. Because you're not just paying for 60 minutes of a random watch.
You are paying for 20 years of marketing experience.

Are you going to make any offer?

Nope. Also, the price you see is the cheapest possible, later on, it is very likely I'll increase it.

If I'm unable to attend, can I get my money back?

I'm sorry, but it's not possible. You have 3 months to reschedule the consultation session with me. Believe me, that's enough time for you to find the right moment.
If you think I have nothing to offer you, it is better not to book the appointment. No problem.

Will it be complicated if I have no idea about email marketing?

No, because I don't speak Chinese. I speak your language and I will recommend what I think is best for your business.

How does it work?

Once you've made the payment, you'll receive a form in which I ask you to be as honest as possible with the questions I'll ask you.
I know that writing is boring, but I assure you it is therapeutic and revealing to put what you have in your head in black over white.

Do you have any support or follow-up?

As much support as you can afford with your credit card. My time is money and yours even more.
So the follow-up will be another session at the same price as this one.

Is it a good investment?

I think so, but I guess you understand that I can't be unbiased. So summon your instinct and knowledge and decide if it's worth it.